We spend half our lives in bed, why not make it special?



After spending the last 3 years documenting my daily ‘get ready with me’ videos, I quickly learned that what you wear while getting ready, is just as important as what you put on next. When deciding that I wanted to create my own apparel brand, I knew instantly what I was going to feature in the first drop of my line. After all, my number one comment after all these years has been, “where do you shop for pajamas?”.

In developing See You Tomorrow, it was important to me to create pieces that I would not only organically wear, but also that I would find myself seeking and searching for. The product had to be stylish and contemporary but above all else, comfortable.

See You Tomorrow should serve as a ‘little treat.’ Something that you can throw on with no makeup, messy hair, and still feel a boost of confidence. They are the perfect PJ’s to get ready in before a big night out, or to save to wear after your ‘everything shower,’ before climbing into freshly washed sheets with a cup of tea and a face mask.

We spend half our lives in bed, why not make it special?

Maddie XX